Child PM on the wall.jpeg

Skip Skip (2009)

by Child PM

Welcome to the adorable and tragic world of CHILD PM (Child Post Marriage) featuring our two heroes, Carl Crisp (Morgan Buck) and Crispin McCarls, Jr (Justin Stimson) as they embark on their epic journey towards full custody of two children who they have no biological relationship with. Carl and Crispin both found themselves at one time AND another in the position of being stepdads to these children, Toby and Little Jimbo. Carl and Crispin were both married to the same woman (Peggy) for a period of time and now long divorced they are for the first time meeting each other and becoming aware of the past they both share.

They have devised a plan to get the stepkids back and prove that Peggy is an unfit parent for the youngsters, no matter how biologically connected she is to them.

Using their raw wits and with a little help from the Robot/Clown God they created pre-existence in the primordial universe, they move forward with an iron will towards their destiny.

What the children really need is the love and guidance of their Male Parents and this is the story of the struggle that Carl and Crispin go through to make things "right."

Get ready for an emotional journey through the endless courtroom battles that dictate the fate of our beloved subjects.